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Hybrid with physical attendance in Berlin, Germany

19 — 21 September 2022

Keynote - Digital information from metrology for advanced and sustainable manufacturing (Zeiss)


Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Imkamp

Head of Metrological Qualification, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions (IQS)



Metrology already provides information to control and to check advanced manufacturing processes. High-end manufacturing processes like finishing of mirror surfaces for lithography in semiconductor manufacturing are ultimately limited by the accuracy of the applied measurement technique. The large amount of measuring data and the complex calculation for process control requires digital processing of all information. Metrology is fully integrated into the value chain of such a manufacturing process. But not only high-end processes require digital integration of metrology. Due to increasing demands on the sustainability of manufacturing, the digital integration of metrology is increasingly becoming a standard in modern manufacturing. Metrology provides the necessary information for efficient use of resources and for the determination of the optimal product quality.