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Hybrid with physical attendance in Berlin, Germany

19 — 21 September 2022

OIML - Digital transformation in legal metrology

Session at a glance

The scope of this session is on the use of digital technologies in legal metrology as well as aspects of legal metrology in the treatment of digital technologies.

  • Digitalisation in legal metrology for the quality assessment and validation of algorithms and software
  • Digital certificates for conformity assessment, testing, and inspection certificates
  • Principles and technologies for remote monitoring, remote calibration, and remote conformity assessment

In addition to scientific presentations, this Special Session contains a roundtable discussion of experts from several fields. The roundtable discussion is organised by the newly founded OIML Digitalisation Task Group (DTG). More information about the DTG can be found in the April edition of the OIML Bulletin here.

This session will be chaired by

  • Roman Schwartz, OIML President
  • Yang Ping, OIML DTG nominated Deputy Chairperson
  • Bobjoseph Mathew, Member of OIML DTG


Scientific presentations

Time in CESTSpeakerTitle
13:00Roman SchwartzWelcome and introduction
13:05Katsuhiro ShironoDesign of the digitalized conformity assessment for laboratory activities in individual certifications
13:20Samuel EickelbergIntegrating a Calibration Laboratory Workflow into a Metrological Digital Ecosystem: A Case Study
13:30Hiroshi WatanabeSpecification for audit trail in OIML D31: toward runtime verification
13:45Q & A with the speakers
13:55Sascha Eichstädt

The OIML Digitalisation Task Group: motivation, scope and work plan (PDF download)

Roundtable discussion

14:05 - 15:00 CEST

The panel discussion will be moderated by Yang Ping (NIM) and Bobjoseph Mathew (METAS).

The panelists are

  • Peter Mason, Chair of OIML CEEMS AG
  • Luis Cachon, CECIP, President of International Cooperation Group (ICG)
  • Phillip Mitchell, NMI-A, Manager of Legal Metrology Policy
  • Mannie Panesar, OIML-CS
  • Peter Ulbig, Head of MEN (State authority for Metrology and Verification, Lower Saxony, Germany)

The panel will discuss the following questions:

  1. How does digitalisation affect the various organisations, and what is the impact of digital technologies and digital transformation?
  2. What is the status of digitalisation is in the different areas and what technologies are in use already?
  3. How will the situation differ in 10 years from now, and what are future expectations when it comes to digital transformation in legal metrology?
  4. What to expect from each other and from a potential collaboration in the journey of digital transformation?